Toothbrush for kids

Toothbrush for kids




Cocomum brings you the ultimate environmentally – friendly (100% Biodegradable &  Compostable) combination of Bamboo based Toothbrush and Tongue cleaner that enhances not only your dental hygiene but also brings you, an inexpensive alternative option (as against the traditional polypropylene and polyethylene-based toothbrush) to contain the heavy deluge of Plastic laden Global Pollution, in small yet significant ways. Besides the added environmental benefits, Cocomum’s Bamboo Brush and tongue cleaner are replete with Bamboo’s naturally occurring Anti- Bacterial Properties, Soft Bristles, BPA Free packaging, Fungal, and Chemically Free manufacturing. Through Cocomum’s Bamboo – Brush and Tongue cleaner, we urge you to reduce your Plastic Waste because the power of your sustainably – charged smile today can undo the grave environmental distress of tomorrow.

How To Use:

The brush has a comfortable grip. It gently cleans your mouth & natural bristles are soft & gentle on your teeth & gums keeping bad breath at bay.

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